So... YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED? That's so exciting for you both! An Engagement Photography session is a great way to immortalise this unarguably sweet and exciting time in your life. I LOVE Engagement Photography and I know you will too!

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Cambridge Engagement Photography

The sweetest 'Will you?'. Beautifully Captured.

You’ve just got engaged! Your head is bulging with people you need to tell, social media posts you need to write and tasks you need to accomplish. So, as someone who’s been there, I can understand why engagement photographs might not be at the very top of your priority list right now but there are several important things you should know about engagement portraits that just might move them up a few notches on that list! If you’re ready to book your Cambridge Engagement Photography then get in touch today!

Cambridgeshire Engagement Photographer

It must be love, love, love


Let me first say that most people choose their wedding photographer and have them do their engagement photographs but some don’t, some love to jump right in and commemorate what is a truly amazing moment, you’ve decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you’ve found the one! That’s a moment worth commemorating!

Engagement photographs are a chance to focus on your fiancé/fiancée and to let your love shine. For most people, a professional photographer is someone they’ve never used or haven’t used in years.

Set aside those lingering memories (good or bad) that you have of secondary school photos, posed stiffly with your cheeky child-like smile in front of a marbled backdrop, engagement photographs are great because they’re personalised to you and aim to do nothing more than show off the perfect love you have for each other!

You can even include your pet! So brainstorm with your husband or wife-to-be on ways you can make your engagement shoot personal and show off who you are as a couple and who you are as individuals.

Bedford Engagement Photography


engagement photography

One of the reasons I put such a value on Cambridge engagement photography is this; it gives you a chance to get used to the camera, posing properly and to get to know your wedding photographer. Moreso, spending this time in front of the camera will help you to relax around your photographer and be your true self. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to have some amazing professional photographs taken. Capturing and eternalising this, the sweetest moment in your relationship will be something you'll thank yourself for in the many years of happy marriage you've got to come!





The 'Lovers' package is everything you need for your engagement photography, a two-hour session with me at a location of your choice creating some beautiful, emotional and candid photographs that convey who you are as a couple.





What to say about 'Loyal'? As the name implies, this beautiful package is a special treat for the wonderful couple's who have already booked their wedding photography with me. it's exactly the same as the 'Lovers' package but with a great discount of 25%!

- £150

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your photographs

Wedding photographs and engagement photographs share one very special thing, the intimacy and uniqueness of every couples love and as human beings, it’s naturally hard to express that love in the truest form around someone we don’t know. You’ll feel so much more at ease on your wedding day because your photographer won’t be a complete stranger who keeps asking you to kiss in front them like a weirdo!. That ease will translate to your wedding photos, making them more emotional, natural and beautiful!

The BEST locations


Waresley Wood

Gog Magog

Houghton Mill

Anglesey Abbey


Thetford Forest


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