July 18, 2019

Wedding photography styles defined

Booking a wedding photographer is probably a new experience for you. It might be a strange one. Even worse, it can be really daunting! Hiring a professional photographer, for what is the first time for most people, comes with its own vast array of jargon including wedding photography styles. Everyone hates jargon. Myself included.

This jargon and confusion mean most couples ask me what my style is without truly understanding the differences. This confusion and the pressure to get everything just right for your once-in-a-lifetime special celebration, it makes perfect sense that finding a wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task!

As always, I’m on hand with a few wise words and a little bit of advice to help you understand photography styles and what they mean for your wedding photographs. This isn’t a ‘pick me, pick me!’ post. Although, I’d love it if you did! It’s an honest and open explanation of the different and photography styles.


Photojournalistic wedding photography is my heart and soul. Photojournalism is characterised by raw, emotional and candid moments. It’s un-posed, unscripted and true storytelling. It’s all about documenting events and fleeting moments as they unfold. Some people will call this “documentary-style”. These two terms can be used interchangeably. My personal goal as a photojournalistic photographer is to be as invisible as possible. Don’t laugh – I can be semi-invisible at 6′ 3″! That way, I can capture the genuine, organic moments of your wedding story as they unfold.

My clients love the way this style of photography helps to preserve their memories. Nothing beats flicking through your wedding album and sharing “Remember when” and “Wasn’t it great when”stories.

Fine art

Every photographer will give you a slightly different definition of what Fine Art wedding photography is. I feel that fine art wedding photography is a term that is sometimes broadly and erroneously applied to everyone who shoots film. This can confuse brides and grooms. At it’s simplest and most beautiful, fine art wedding photography is about creating visual art. – Something aesthetically beautiful and impactful. Photographing fine art wedding photography requires a more deliberate mindset. The photographer needs to have an instant vision of their end result.

I find most fine art wedding photographers styles are personified by their light, airy and clean photographs.


Editorial wedding photography is the sibling of fine art wedding photography and is my second love. It makes up the other part of what I do. Like fine art, it is similarly focused and geared toward creating works of art with each shot. Unlike fine art, Editorial Photography tends to be more stylised. The photographer will make bold statements with their work by creating images that are striking, edgy and stylised.

Remind you of anyone’s couple’s portraits?!

So, the million-dollar question, what’s my style of photography? My style is calm, unobtrusive and aligns almost perfectly to the photojournalist branch of photography. I think the most important part of what I do is that I observe and capture your day, I capture what happens naturally, I don’t direct it. It doesn’t mean I’m not hands-on when needed; your couples portraits and formal (family) photographs are a prime example of this which I try to keep light-hearted and fun -I usually get a giggle out of the crowd that is your nearest and dearest. “Which style of photography appeals most to us?” is one of the questions I suggest you ask yourself in my post ‘What to ask yourself before searching for a wedding photographer’ before beginning to look for a wedding photographer.


This is a very comprehensive article. Thanks for sharing, Troy!

Great article, although could have done with some more photographic examples.

Really informative article, I’m going to share this.

Thank you for your clear explanation of the difference between editorial and fine art. It was very informative

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