May 20, 2019

The best way to use Pinterest when planning your wedding

Today, I want to impart some advice on the best way to use Pinterest when planning your wedding. I would be telling a terrible lie if I told you I didn’t love Pinterest. When I say love Pinterest, I don’t mean ‘I love Pinterest’, I mean ‘I LOVE Pinterest’. It definitely ranks in my top 10 favourites along with the cool side of the pillow, warm blankets and pugs. Furthermore, it’s probably my favourite social network. For those of you who have never used or heard of Pinterest, it’s essentially an online mood board social network. Your search for things you need inspiration for, let’s say ‘nude wedding cakes’, and you ‘pin’ all the ones you like to your digital mood boards, aptly called ‘boards’. You can share and gather ideas from other people and them from you. It is, therefore, no great surprise that so many brides find Pinterest to be a vital tool in planning their weddings. It’s not hard to see why; it really lends itself well to gathering tons of inspiration. I used Pinterest myself as I planned our wedding and it was so much help but the first lesson of Pinterest is not to go pinning crazy. It can really send your head ‘pinning’ round the twist. HA! So, what is the best way to use Pinterest when planning your wedding?

If you’re going to Pinterest for your wedding, I’ve got some great advice so you can pin like a Pro, I know all the mistakes I made so I can help guide you away from making those too!

Pin what you love to your boards

This one is really easy and you’re probably already doing it. If not, it’s easy to get started. (But don’t blame me if it’s not so easy to stop!) You will find that as you begin to Pin, what you thought was great yesterday seems mediocre today and that’s okay! It’s perfectly natural for your idea to develop and your pins need to change to reflect that development. The concept you start with isn’t going to be your end result. Remember to caption things as you pin them, it will be a reminder to yourself regarding what you liked about a pin.

As you do so, you will probably see common themes emerging. Maybe you’ll realise that a lot of the bridesmaid’s dresses you choose are similar in design or colour. Maybe you’ll find you’re drawn to a really unique cake, like one made of cheese! Maybe you’ll discover that Victorian-style candy cart’s really float-your-boat and satisfy your sweet tooth. The time to find out what you’re attracted to is at the BEGINNING of your wedding planning because that’s going to guide you as you move forward.


Have separate boards for each element of your special day. That’s one for outfits and style, one for food, one for the cake, one for photographers and so on. This way you haven’t got 1000 wedding pins floating around one board preventing you from finding all your pins on ‘wedding cakes’ in one easy click. Don’t worry about overdoing it, you’ll thank yourself on the day of your wedding for being so organised! And you can always have a bit of clear out when you need to.

Don’t be afraid to delete pins

Once your ideas change and develop and you’ve already organised your pins on to separate boards, if things still feel chaotic, it’s time to delete some pins. Sentimentally hanging on to those old pins is a bad idea.  The reason is purely practical; from an organisation perspective, the more pins you have, the harder it is to find that one thing you REALLY loved in a sea of things you like. If you’re really struggling to delete things because you feel you may need to backtrack, create an ‘archive board’. This is simply a board called ‘Archive’ where you can pin all your ideas that you’ve already developed and improved on and therefore don’t really need to keep but you want to for cautionary purposes.

Keep what you’re drawn to in mind as you select your wedding suppliers

There are so many wedding suppliers out there. From dress shops to cake tops and caterers through to photographers. It can be overwhelming! Use your newfound knowledge of things you like to select your suppliers based on both your budget and your preferences rather than just your budget. Use what you’ve discovered about your preferences to narrow down your search. If you’re drawn in by the idea of a Hog Roast for your wedding breakfast, you can stop looking at caterers. If you’re excited about having an outdoor wedding, you can probably skip looking at those grand country houses.

Be guided by the spirit of your pins. Don’t clone them

This is the most important thing and the point I really want you to take away from reading this. This is your wedding, and as such should be a reflection of you and your fiance. The last thing you want to do is mimic someone else’s vision because every idea on Pinterest has only worked because it is from the exact combination of the couple/venue/supplier/weather and about a million other variables coming together in the right way. Those one million variables won’t come together in the exact same way again and therefore while it’s great you’ve built an idea up, don’t be transfixed on something looking exactly the same, because you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you do. I think all us wedding suppliers, no matter what we specialise in have one thing in common. We want to make you happy! It’s why most of us are in the business. That and the fact we’re good at doing so!

If you ask a supplier to recreate exactly something you’ve seen in a Pinned image, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to make your wedding the unique celebration of YOU that it should be! So instead of asking your wedding suppliers to imitate someone else’s work, allow us the freedom to be creative for you. Use your Pinterest boards to send us ideas and show us how you want that element to feel and then let us work our magic.


This is really helpful to know, I love reading your articles and especially love your images 😀

Really useful blog post. Glad I read this. Never thought of an archive board. Im such a hoarder too lol


Great point of view on suppliers, all too often, I’m asked by Bride’s to recreate something (florist) – it’s much better when you let your supplier do their own thing and create something special for you…

I love Pinterest but my pins get out of control all the time. I’m not getting married but a great idea for general Pinter organisation.

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