July 5, 2019

Newly engaged? The first three things you should do

So… you’re newly engaged! That’s SO exciting! You’re probably on cloud nine right now and enjoying the rush of joy and elation you’re undoubtedly feeling. For some though, this time can be just a little overwhelming as you’re subconsciously constructing a to-do list several miles long in your mind. With SO much to do before a wedding, you might easily feel pressured to get everything started immediately! I want to put your mind at rest. If you’re recently engaged or are going to be engaged in the near future, here are the three things that you need to do RIGHT AWAY. Follow these and although I can’t guarantee you won’t feel the ‘engagement stress’, but I can guarantee to make it less so.

I. Enjoy the moment

It’s all too easy to get so caught up in the whirlwind of love and excitement of what is happening that you can miss the moment. So, pause. Stop mentally composing that announcement status on social media and just be present in this amazing moment in your life. After all, this is a life-changing event that you’ll be telling stories about for many years to come. Pay attention to your fiance/fiancee. Pay attention to what they’re wearing, saying, doing, the look he/she gives you, the way he/she smiles at you and how this has changed since you said yes. You’re embarking on a  great adventure together and although the destination is so important, your journey there is just as important.

II. Tell your nearest and dearest

Only fools rush in, and this has never been more pertinent than announcing your engagement. Even if your first urge is to jump on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else – fight it. Your mum should definitely hear about your engagement from you directly before scrolling across it on her Facebook feed! Make a list of those who you feel should know first before you scream with excitement from the rooftops.

III. No wedding planning, YET!

Talk with your fiance and set a period of time aside JUST to enjoy being engaged. Plan a party, have a gathering or maybe take a weekend away together to enjoy this irreplaceable sweet moment in your lives. All too soon, you’ll be knee-deep in planning the wedding and making the myriad of decisions that entails. It’s when you’re doing this planning that you’ll look back on this moment and be thankful you got to enjoy being engaged even if it’s just for a moment.

I’m sure you expected me to reel off three things to kick off your wedding planning and as important as that is, the three things above are the most important. When you’re ready to start planning; check out some of my other advice articles for some essential wedding planning advice at the bottom of the page.


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A friend sent this to me. This was a really interesting read and reminded me of what’s important.

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