November 15, 2019

How to dress for your engagement photographs

Engagement photography shoots are great, I love them so much as it’s such a great opportunity for me to get to know the couple and learn all about their special day. I also really love the way they allow a bride and groom to get comfortable in front of me and the camera long before their special day. Why not check out my four reasons why you should make your engagement photography a priority? Clients ask all the time about how they should dress for their engagement session. So without further ado, here’s my advice on how to dress for your engagement photographs.

Countless couples have told me they either didn’t want to have or simply didn’t have an engagement shoot as they had no idea what to wear! Since many couples have plans to use their engagement portraits on their save-the-date cards or invitations, guest book, wedding website and occasionally their order of service, not knowing what to wear can lead to serious stressing out and in my experience, a stressed-out couple does not take great photographs! But have no fear! Troy Pullen – Photographer is here (I should never say that again – deeply embarrassing). I may not be able to dig through your wardrobe with you to find the perfect outfit, but I can offer some great tips on choosing the right number to make you look your best during your engagement photographs.


Let me start by saying that when I say coordinate, I don’t mean you should wear matching outfits, in fact wearing matching outfits is a really artificial and outdated idea and for some reason conjures up thoughts in my head of Kevin and Perry! However, your looks should fit together. There are two main components of coordinating perfect outfits:

One: Be equally dashing! If he’s in a suit, she shouldn’t be in leggings and ugg boots and likewise, if she’s in a beautiful dress, he shouldn’t show up in jeans and a hoodie. Guys struggle more than girls to dress things up or down so ladies, it’s on you to judge this!

Two: Coordinate those colours! Drawing from the same colour palette is a great way to coordinate! What’s that old saying? Red and green should only be seen upon an Irish queen? That applies here, try not to be too contrasting with the colours you each wear.

Embrace colour and pattern

Contrary to what I’ve said above, embrace some colour! I know, I know – you’ve been conditioned to believe that black is slimming and white is elegant and classic but why not free your mind and your wardrobe from these limits? I already mentioned the way that colour can and should be used to help coordinate. The pattern is equally important, especially for the ladies and can sometimes be the key thing that ties your outfits together. This great advice comes with one word of warning! Small, tight patterns, like very narrow stripes or small checks, aren’t the best for photographs.

Layer and accessorise

Layering your outfits and accessorising them can really make your outfit pop and create some interest points in your photographs. They can also turn a decent outfit into an amazing one. As well as adding interest, accessories are a great way to bring your personal style into your engagement photos and show off your individuality and how it differs (even slightly) from your partner and serves as a subtle (almost subliminal) reminder in your photographs that you’re an amazing couple because you’re great individuals.

Honestly, despite the above, the most important piece of advice I can offer you is this: be yourself. In fact, be the best version of yourself. Raise your outfit above the everyday so that you’ll have a beautiful set of engagement photos that you’ll want to show to everyone for years to come!


A really thorough article. We have our engagement shoot in a few weeks and our photographer sent us your article! Great read!

A really well thought-out reading. Thank you for sharing

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