January 1, 2020

How to announce your engagement on social media

When you get engaged, it’s such an exciting time for you, your fiance/fiancee and of course your family and friends! Everyone is going to be so excited for you, happy for you and of course, envious of your sickeningly sweet love for one another! BUT, you’ve got an important question to ask yourself first, how should you announce your engagement? Social Media is the obvious choice for most couples nowadays and there is no shame in that! There are so many options and so many creative and interesting ways you can make such an important announcement. So, here is ‘how to announce your engagement on social media’.

Pictures say a thousand words

Generally speaking, social media is fast-moving towards image-centric platforms as the primary way we interact with others on the internet. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are paving the way and people are loving it. So it’s no surprise that a lot of your social media posts contain pictures, GIF’s, stickers and so on. Why should your engagement announcement be any different? Here are a few ideas for you.

The ring shot – It’s the classical way to photographically announce your engagement. It’s also usually the first thing your friends and family will ask to see in the real world! You can literally do this anywhere, but try not to photograph just the ring, your happy faces in the background or maybe even a sweet kiss helps tell what is a beautiful chapter in your love story!

A couples portrait – You’re the queen of the selfie and you’ve perfected that pout but it’s time to bring your ‘A’ game. Try and rope in a third person that you trust to keep quiet until the big announcement to take a photograph for you. Ensure you’re somewhere nice and open that’s well lit with a background that contrasts with what you’re wearing and sets you out from the crowd! A great time of day to take a photograph like this is a couple of hours before sunset when the light really starts to soften.

Employ props – It’s the age of customised everything and thanks to that, you’ve got so many choices for highlighting your engagement to the world. Whether you’re using customised champagne flutes, an ‘I said yes!’ coffee mug or something else completely unique to you, be creative and have fun.

Tell a story – Some people share the moving story of how they met, some talk about the journey of love that has led them to now and some talk about the sweet, endearing way he proposed! Be sure to share a story with your photograph, don’t just announce your engagement. Tell its story too!

Make it Facebook official

There’s nothing that else that guarantee’s to make me ‘aww’ like seeing two people’s facebook statuses change from ‘In a relationship with’ to ‘Engaged to’ (Except cute pug videos). For maximum effect, time this with your beau so both your statuses change at the same time.

Make it live

I think every social media platform includes live streaming now, so why not make it real-time? What a way to tell your family and friends by sharing the moment with them either as it happens or just after. Sometimes social media can feel like a barrier that stops us communicating properly, but in moments like this, it can only bring you and your loved ones closer by sharing something as special as your proposal with them.

Use your discretion

Only fools rush in, and this has never been more pertinent than announcing your engagement. Even if your first urge is to jump on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else – fight it. Your mum should definitely hear about your engagement from you directly before scrolling across it on her Facebook feed! If you’re the lucky man or woman that’s going to be proposing and you want to opt for the live event above, be sure to let your fiance/fiancee’s family know in advance as well as your own so that everyone is there to see it!

Being engaged is probably the sweetest time in the relationship of a couple, it’s full of love, laughs and excitement. Hopefully, this advice has helped you to see the best way on how to announce your engagement on social media. Remember that every day is a new adventure and your relationship is reaching some amazing milestones throughout the period you’re engaged. It all starts with a question and an answer. It’s amazing how the simplest action of two people will change their lives for the better, forever.


Your point about going live is perfectly correct! That is how me and my hubby got engaged! It was amazing to be able to share that with our family.

This is really informative. I’m going to share this with my bestie who’s just got engaged!!!

Ur posts are always so helpfull!

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