February 9, 2020

Five great ways to use your engagement photographs

I love engagement photography, which I’m sure you know by now as I’ve been blogging about them for the last month! As I shared in a recent blog post, I feel that every couple should make engagement photographs a priority, but once you have your engagement photographs back from your photographer… then what? Please, please, please don’t let your beautiful photographs just sit on your hard drive or in the Photos app on your smartphone! It’s my hope that every couple will not just cherish but use and enjoy their engagement photos throughout the build-up their wedding and for years to come! So, here are five great ways to use your engagement photographs!

I. Social media

Let’s be honest, you will probably be sharing a lot of wedding updates and information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the run-up to your wedding. Your engagement photographs offer the perfect visual to accompany all of these detailed, excitement-filled posts! They’re a great way to draw attention to your updates, and they allow you to focus on your upcoming nuptials instead of spending ages trying to take that perfect selfie!

II. Save the Date Cards

Start off easy, this is an obvious one. Gone are the days where a save the date card could only be a nice piece of opalescent card and some ribbon that your frantically drive around delivering. Oh no, we’re in the age of the photograph and weddings are becoming more and more personal, with couples expressing who they are as individuals and who they are as a couple. There’s a better way to express who you are than through a photograph, it serves as a constant beacon of ‘This is me!’ and ‘This is us!’. It’s no surprise then that this is one of the most common uses for engagement photographs that I encounter and I think it’s a perfect fit.

III. Wedding website

Another modern trend is wedding websites and why not? We live in the digital age after all and sites like Wix and Appy Couple are making this easier than ever. A wedding website is more than just a place to celebrate your engagement, it’s a useful resource that your guests will visit again and again as they check details on where your venue is, where can they stay nearby, the dates for key events like your rehearsal and how they should show their generosity. So, while it’s important that your wedding website be useful and informative, you don’t want it to feel generic or boring and utilising your engagement photographs throughout your wedding website is a great way to make it fun and unique!

IV. Thank you cards

Just like the save the date cards, thank you cards seem like an obvious choice for using your engagement photographs! You can work with a stationer to incorporate your photos or use one of the many online DIY options to create your own beautiful card yourselves. The combination of your engagement photographs and a personalised, hand-written thank you will make your guests feel so touched and remind them of the amazing wedding they attended.

V. Print them and hang them on the wall!

This is the most important! There’s a special thrill to seeing your photographs printed and physical and I promise you that it really is a different experience than seeing them on a screen. Printing your photographs and using them to decorate your love nest allows you to truly live with and enjoy them every day. Seeing your engagement photographs as you make your morning cuppa or while you relax on the sofa for a Netflix binge will help to keep that newly engaged cuteness alive for a long time!
I hope that you’re feeling creative and inspired to put your engagement photographs to good use! After all, just like your wedding day, your engagement shoot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it provides an array of beautiful, emotion invoking images. Those photos can (and should) be so much more than a file on your computer!


I had never thought of a wedding website… Can you recommend anyone good? TIA.

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