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That's all Folks!

Sadly, after 3 years and 26 weddings, my journey into wedding photography is coming to an end. Sadly, Covid has made my dream financially unviable going forward as this year has taken its toll. This was never ‘just a job’ to me, it was and is about creating something permanent and impactful in peoples lives and giving them something they love to share with friends and family and something they will want to one day leave to their children. I think ultimately, it’s about creating happiness and in the spirit of that, and in that the world can seem dark enough already at times, I refuse to be sad but instead look ahead to the amazing weddings we have booked in 2021 which will be my last.

I have loved every moment spent with some of the most amazing couples I have ever met, laughed and cried with guests and family I had met moments before and smiled each and every time I relived those moments while editing. I have fallen off numerous objects, had what felt like a near-death experience on a forklift (thanks Alex & Leathon), climbed into ponds and crawled through the mud to get the perfect shot and it was all worth it. I have had (too much) fun. It has been the greatest joy and the greatest honour to be part of your special days Emily & Lucy, Julie & Chris, Katy & Ben, Tanya & Tom, Nicole & Mark, Sofie & Alex, Becca & Chris, Louise & Thomas, Amy & Luke, Stacey & Chris, Vicki & Nick, Rhonda & Dave, Riannan & Dave, Kathleen & James, Emily & Ryan, Alex & Leathon, Claire & Stuart, Milly & Shane, Helen & David and Breda & Ben and the couples in 2021 whose stories I’m yet to tell.

A man is not an island. It may be my name here, but I could not have done this without my second photographer and husband, Adam whose unique perspective of still life through the camera has uplifted every wedding we have captured. For that, and always feeding me and running our errands when I’ve been glued to the computer for 30 hours at a time and for being a soundboard for all my ideas and dreams. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Thank you also to each and every one of you who’ve taken the time to like and follow me, your support has been amazing!

Stay safe all. It’ll get better soon.

Troy x